Hand Crafted.

Looking for unique, handcrafted, custom furniture? God's Wood is who you've been looking for, let us design and create your next beautiful piece of furniture.

High Quality.

God's Wood creates artistic, high quality furniture using the best wood and finishes available. Quality, not quantity is what makes our work the best.

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About Paul.

God’s Wood began as a part time business in 1977, after Paul Iverson finished his vocational training in cabinetmaking in Minneapolis Minnesota. Fresh out of school, Paul began work at a millwork shop in Fort Dodge, Iowa, fabricating windows, doors, and commercial cabinets.

In 1982 he began working for Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, LTD an organ builder in Lake City, Iowa, crafting the casework for large, complex, and often very ornamental pipe organs destined for churches and universities. Throughout this period, Paul built furniture in off-hours, working to build up a clientele to support a full time business. On January 1, 1986, he opened his own doors for business.

God's Wood is a one man shop specializing in one of a kind projects, ranging from beds to bandstands. God's Wood does not generally engage in competitive bidding because our niche is work that many builders cannot supply. God's Wood offers a high quality product that is well crafted and carefully sanded and finished; a cut above most cabinet shops.

God's Wood has been built on a base of integrity and honesty, a handshake bonds us to fulfilling our work to the best of our ability. God's Wood loves what they do, and that propels us through each project with joy and satisfaction. That joy is doubled when we deliver a piece and hear the words, “That is exactly what I wanted,” uttered by a satisfied client.

Your Benefits.

  • High quality product
  • Timely delivery
  • Design capabilities
  • Flexibility
  • Added value to any project
  • Truly custom capabilities
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Residential furniture
  • Commercial furniture
  • Specialty millwork
  • Stairway systems
  • Turned wooden columns
  • Bas relief carving
  • Wall systems (panels, shelving, etc.)

We design pieces, working directly with a client, to tailor the project to their practical and esthetic needs. We listen to our clients, spending a lot of time discerning what they are looking for. Many are surprised when they hear us say, “yes, we can do that.” Our work is found in multi-million dollar homes, museums, professional offices, churches, public spaces, and residences.

We build using traditional joinery, or more modern methods, tailoring the work to the client’s budget or structural needs.

Work can be ordered finished or unfinished. If we are supplying only a small part of a larger project, we recommend that the painting contractor stain our work to match.

Our finish consists of two coats of lacquer sanding sealer, thoroughly sanded, and two coats of a pre-catalyzed finish lacquer. Table tops or high traffic areas often demand more coats.

God’s Wood collaborates with area artists to provide fine painted furniture, bringing a greater dimension to our custom offerings. We can work with your architects or interior designers to create exactly the effect you are looking for.

30+ years experience in woodworking.

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